Nopia Ride, the first fully electric taxi service in East Africa at the Hub Karen.

Zero emissions.

Zero sound.

Zero fuel.

Multiple benefits for you and the environment.

The Hub Karen recently launched an eco-friendly taxi service at the mall in partnership with EkoRent Africa.

Nopia Ride, the first fully electric taxi service in East Africa, will now offer mall goers an alternative transport solution with the added benefit and convenience of the charging ports being hosted at the mall.

EkoRent founder and CEO, Juha Suojanen says Nopia Ride is the perfect solution to reduce air pollution in Kenya while maneuvering the hectic city traffic. He added that another benefit of the eco-friendly ride is its low carbon footprint and the durability of the batteries used by the car, citing that they can last up to 15 years.


Additionally, the company trains its drivers on how to maximize the energy stored by the car so as to manage the number of trips they can run with a single charge. With a single charge of 40 minutes, Nopia Ride vehicles comfortably cover a distance of 150km and do not lose charge while stationary.

That’s good news for you because no energy is wasted while stuck in traffic! So worry not, there’s a zero to nil chance of the car running out of power while you’re on the go. Moreover, an early warning system alerts drivers when the available power dips below the optimum levels and there’s also a separate battery installed for the functionality of the lights and radio.

During the launch, Nopia Ride offered customers test rides around the mall and explained the working processes of the car and charging ports.


The launch of the eco-friendly rides at the mall adds to the other going green initiatives undertaken at the mall that include, water recycling, waste management and the use of solar energy to supplement power supply.


Though traffic in the city might still be a drag, at least your mind will be at peace knowing you’re doing your part for the environment. Look out for the new eco-friendly rides at the mall, download the app and get ready for a new experience with Nopia Ride. Nopia Ride on Google Play Store and on Apple Store.