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Gametroniq offers a wide range of products including phones, tablets, video gaming consoles, electronic educational gadgets, mini-drones, headphones, laptops, Vinyl Players and all related accessories. We are creating a revolutionary unique shopping experience where the choice is literally in your hands, touch and feel your way through the store, interact with items of different brands for each category be it phones or speakers or even a fitness band ultimately when you are stood at the cash counter we are confident it’s because you have been able to make an informed choice on which product suits you best!

So whether you’d like to listen to your favorite rock song with the best bass-headphones available, or you’d like that super immersive new game to entertain your lonely weekend, or you’d like a new phone…well just because (not everything needs a reason!)…Gametroniq is the place where we’d love to welcome you to get it all!

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